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Samsung hires CyanogenMod Founder

May 11, 2012 by

Samsung hired CyanogenMod’s founder in August of last year, 2011. First off, just a brief background about CyanogenMod. Anyone familiar with Android phones know that there are different variations of each Android Operating System. Because Android is open sourced, many people create their own versions of the OS. CyanogenMod is one of the most famous of these versions which are called ROMs.

Samsung has been doing great so far in the Android mobile market. They are one of the leading companies out there and are increasingly gaining market share over other Android mobile companies such as HTC, Sony, and so forth. Even one of Google’s official phones is made by Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus.

Samsung themselves have their own version of the Android OS called: Touchwiz. In the past, it has always been described as taking the Android out the OS and putting in a lot of Apple. While on the other hand, we have CyanogenMod who has been delivering the Android experience ever since the founder, Steve Kondik, started back in 2010. As of 28 March 2012, CyanogenMod has recorded over 1.7 million active installs on a multitude of devices. This is not included the people who opt out of reporting that they indeed use the firmware.

Samsung is continually striving to be the best option out there in the smartphone market. It can be observed that both Android and Samsung are gaining momentum steadily in market. According to the Engaget website, based on ComScores’s US mobile studies, “for the three-month average period ending in February 2012, 234 million Americans age 13 and older were found to be using mobile devices, with Samsung having its products in the hands of 25.6 percent of the American mobile market. Over on the platform side, Android managed to surge from 46.9 percent in November of 2011 to 50.1 percent, while Apple rose from 28.7 percent to 30.2 percent.” More and more people are getting Android powered devices that is it no wonder that Samsung hired the founder of one of the most popular unofficial firmware in the market.

Furthermore, we can see a drastic improvement in Samsung next iteration of TouchWiz in their new Samsung Galaxy SIII. Their whole pitch was, aside from the usual hardware improvements, they focused a lot on improving their software. They concentrated this time around on specific apps and plenty of new gesture functionality. They added little things like, in the lock screen, tap and hold the screen and rotate the phone horizontally to bring up the camera phone. No need to unlock the phone!

It was a great move from Samsung to hire such a talented engineer to help them keep ahead of the game in terms of software and be able to compete with it’s greatest rival, Apple.

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2 Responses to “Samsung hires CyanogenMod Founder”

  1.   hussains599 Says:

    Samsung is building a success story, and has established its brand in multiple disciplines as a leader, and one of them obviously is the smart-phones, and tablets market. It was a very smart approach the one Samsung has adopted, which concentrated on; bringing a new cutting edge product to the market, with very high specifications, and distinguished values ( in other words competing Apple in the race of product leadership), with other competitive advantages, such as:
    1- Using an open source operating system, popular, and well customized (Android). This OS is taking the lead (from market share perspective) in the smart-phones market.
    2- Turning few Apple devices disadvantages to advantages in their smart-phone such as: Light weight, removable battery, and multitasking.

    After their establishment in the market, now Samsung is concentrating more and more in innovation, and that what is noticed with their latest product release Galaxy SIII, which has a quad-core processor (double processor capacity of SII) that will increase the efficiency of the device in multitasking. They like to call it “iPhone killer”.


  2.   noors599 Says:

    I think it was a great move by Samsung. Usually people who install ROMs on their phones want them because they provide additional functions in the UI, and settings not available in the phone provided by the manufacturer. By hiring the one of the most popular ROM providers they have started a buzz in the industry and among android fans which increased the exposure of Samsung.


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